Maizuru Curry Festa

Around 30 vendors selling their takes on this loved dish

Venue: Maizuru Red Brick Park, Kyoto When: Late Mar 2024

Maizuru is a port city located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Although curry is not typically associated with Japanese cuisine, it has become a popular dish in Japan, and Maizuru has its own unique history with this flavorful dish.

The city is the location of an important naval base for Japan, and curry became a staple food for the sailors stationed there. The annual Maizuru Curry Festa celebrates the longstanding history of the dish in the region, and is set to include around 30 stores all selling their unique takes on this much-loved comfort food.

Photo: Woody House Co., Ltd

Getting there

The event takes place at Maizuru Red Brick Park, which can be accessed via bus from Higashi Maizuru Station on the JR Maizuru Line. Take the Kyoto Kotsu Bus for about 5 minutes until you reach the Shiyakusho-mae bus stop. Alternatively, the venue is around 20 minutes walk from the station.


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